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August 01, 2007



I do not have a hard and fast rule about tipping the housekeeping staff but if I feel as though they have done a nice job I try to leave $1 per night I stay there. With all the deluxe bedding hotels are using these days, which is probably more time- intensive for the housekeepers to deal with, I think they are likely well-deserving of a tip.


John, You've asked an excellent question, which no doubt depends on the type of accommodation. I used to only tip $1 per night, and that was if I was staying more than one evening. But I've upped it to $2 more recently for all the reasons Maggie suggested. There's a lot that goes into cleaning a room and sometimes if you tip more, they're more careful to do an even better job.

John Risner

Steve and Maggie,

Thanks to both of you for your excellent insights!!

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